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How to Complete UpWork Profile – Tutorial (with Pictures)

Latest UpWork Profile Filling Up Tutorial

What is Upwork?

upwork (formally oDesk) is a free world leading marketplace where you can earn a lot of money by showing your skills. This marketplace is free for worldwide freelancer. If you are a student and want to have a part time job then it will be the best place for earning money with the part time job. Not only part time, but also anyone can take it as a  full time job place.

How to Complete upwork Profile?

Now let’s discuss about way to completing your UpWork profile for attractingto  the client for getting the more amount of jobs with a short time.

Name & Overview Section

Name : You have to complete this box of filling your name at the time of Signing up on UpWork. Always try to use the name that you have on your government issued ID card.

Title : Choose the best title that will reflect your skills. Choose like the title bellow.

Photo : Choose the photo that will show your smiling face to your clients. Because it’s more attractive and responsible. Don’t choose any logo of you or your company here.Hourly Rate :  This is the main factor of getting any job. Please choose a acceptable amount. Don’t enter more hourly rate firstly. I will suggest you to use $3-$4 for starting up. Then you can increase after completing few projects.

Overview : In this section, please write down there that what you can do for your client and how much skill  you have. Don’t write down anything false thing. Just write down what you have and what you can. You can also include that how long you are working online with this current skills. But don’t copy the overview from other UpWork user. That may cause violation of UpWork rules.
Here is a sample of a overview that taken from a user’s profile of upwork.


At here, you can attach few videos that will introduce yourself and show your skills definitely.


In this area, just include your skills that you have. Don’t add any skill that you haven’t.
Here is the sample for professional Proofreader, Editor and Writer.


In portfolio area, you can add some projects that have been done before by you. Don’t try to include any project that have not been done by you. Because if someone complain about it to UpWork and if UpWork detect that it’s not completed by you then UpWork may take action on behalf of your profile anytime. Here is the example of better portfolio.


Only include and add those certificates that you have got from any professional institute.
If you have not any certificate then leave this section blank. But i suggest you to get trained and add a certificate on this section to get job quickly.


You have to prove your skills by taking skill test at UpWork. It will increase the value of your UpWork profile and will help you to get a job within a short time because it will show that are really expert or not. By taking test, you can also increase the job application quota once. This will also shown to your client like this bellow.


You should add your education history to show that you are well educated. Here is the sample Educational background.


Employment History

You can add or include your employment history here to show that you are professionally expert and working on a company. It’ll help you to get a job easily. here is a sample of Employment History.

That’s it. You have completed you UpWork profile accurately and you are ready for applying to a job on UpWork.  Best of Luck.

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